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Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang



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Before Time

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Incomprehensible Primordial Beings

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Yin (Twin Sister)
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Yin and Yang (陰と陽 In to Yō) are primordial beings who were the first to inhabit the soon-to-be universe of Wild Hunt. Born into absolute nothingness as a twin brother and sister, Yin (the sister) and Yang (the brother) proceeded to mate with one another and spawn the first generation of gods. Some time shortly after forming their family, Yang passed away, leaving Yin to mourn for him. Overcome with sorrow and frustration in her heart, Yin attempted to retrieve her brother from an area in the void where the dead go to rest. Unable to find him in the blinding darkness, Yin's frustration grew into anger, and as her emotions flared even more, she began to morph into a new being entirely; an entity known only as Yami.

Due to their divine children having been too young to fully grasp the tragic existence of their parents, Yin and Yang are utterly incomprehensible ancestor beings towards all but Gilgamesh Prime in Wild Hunt (Gil having learned about Yin and Yang through Yin's twisted alter-ego, Yami.) As a result, no one truly understands how Yin and Yang came to be, or if there was anything before the primordial void. This makes Yin and Yang the oldest known and most unfathomable inhabitants of the universe.



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  • Yin and Yang were based on the motif and concept of the Taoist yīnyáng ("dark-bright" and "negative-positive,") which states opposite forces or states of being can complement and benefit one another and the world as a whole, as well as be interconnected and interdependent. This concept was chosen for inclusion as it fits in well with the themes of duality and moderation in Wild Hunt

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Yin and Yang - Wikipedia article about yin and yang; a concept which inspired Yin and Yang in Wild Hunt

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