Will (ウィル U~iru) sorcery is a form of magic in Wild Hunt, where the sorcerer draws power from their own willpower in order to perform a number of feats. Such abilities include ejecting one's own will from their body as a shock wave, or converting it into a form of malleable energy to fight from nearly any range. Other uses for one's willpower do exist, though it depends on the resourcefulness and cleverness of the sorcerer to figure out how to make use of them. In Wild Hunt, this is the first magical art Gilgamesh Prime is shown using, and could arguably be his signature ability.

While it is formally addressed as "will sorcery," the power has gained another, more respectable moniker due to a famous incident involving its creator. Many years ago, it is said a soon to be king had developed and refined this power, with which he used to later rise to power. In one particular battle, where he was horribly outnumbered by the opposing army, the king summoned up his deep reserves of willpower and blew back the enemy forces with a mighty gale; all without moving an inch. So impressed were those who heard of the story and witnessed the event, that they would later nickname this form of sorcery as the "King's Dominion (支配の王 Shihai no Ō.) Years later, the King's Dominion would be passed down through the royal family, and later leaked out into the masses, where now almost anyone can get their hands on the knowledge of this renowned ability.

While indeed formidable when used properly, will sorcery could be easily hampered if its sorcerer lacks sufficient resolve. Without strong or a large supply of willpower, the ability itself will be of little help. Even if one does muster up the power needed to materialize their will, the power will take its toll on the sorcerer's energy and stamina. This is because will sorcery drains the total amount of willpower a sorcerer has within them. Using too much of will sorcery or using it for too long can cause paralysis and exhaustion in time. However, with proper rest or if the sorcerer's morale is risen, their will can be rejuvenated and be further used for sorcery. Likewise, if morale is low, a will sorcerer's willpower will diminish and shrink in volume; weakening their overall strength. Due to the circumstances involved and because not many people possess such monstrous wills, will sorcery has fallen out of favor throughout the years and has become a less popular method of sorcery. The only reason it was taught to Gilgamesh was because the satori who befriended him felt it was best suited for his blunt behavior and titanic resolve.

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