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Gods (神 Kami) are the divine entities who rule over and maintain the entire universe within Wild Hunt. As implied by the plural form of the title, there are multiple deities within Wild Hunt's pantheon; each with their own personality and sense of free will. The only things that seem to unite them are their allegiance to their king/queen, the supreme ruler of the universe, and their strongly held desire to fulfill a sense of purpose while they are alive. Naturally as gods, each one serves one or more duties in maintaining order and balance within the universe, and each seems to reflect their role(s) in some way, be it in their appearance, powers, or personality.

As expected, the gods of Wild Hunt are the catalysts for everything leading up to the events of the story, as well as the events of the story itself, such as the titular Wild Hunt. The reason for bringing about the Wild Hunt is due to the ongoing war the gods have been waging against their evil counterparts, the devils, lead by Iblis.

While their influence has been subtly felt throughout the story since the beginning, the gods only truly became recurring major characters during Part 2, after Gilgamesh's ascension to godhood. After their debut, the pantheon and its assorted gods and goddesses were revealed to be a sort of divine bureaucracy when not busy with internal and external conflicts. While certain duties involve physical aspects of the universe, such as water or the stars, other duties can include abstract and immaterial things like war, love, death, knowledge, festivities and so forth. Notable examples include Gilgamesh as the masculine war god and patron deity of camaraderie, while Samsara acts as the feminine war goddess, as well as a love goddess.

Due to their unique relation with the rest of the Wild Hunt universe, the gods are considered an entirely different set of being; making them distinct from Wild Hunt's humans, animals, plants, yokai and androids. They are even considered separate from angels, demons, devils and Yami too.


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Despite being a large, universal-encompassing pantheon, the number of known gods and goddesses appears to be limited; with only certain deities being known in the manga, while countless others serve as minor characters, or a part of the background. Despite this, the world of Wild Hunt seems to possess a massive number of major and minor gods alike. Below are the most prominent gods who play a large role within the story; and as Wild Hunt continues to progress and develop, there may be more deities who will be introduced at a later time.


King/Queen God(dess) Death God Love/War Goddess War/Camaraderie God
El Asherah Portrait Placeholder Other Samsara Portrait God Gilgamesh Portrait
El Asherah "Anubis" Samsara Gilgamesh Prime




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