"Yes, I may be a pirate, but I shall never allow myself to blemish my integrity with heinous deeds. To others, piracy is the embodiment of sin, but when I think of piracy, I can hear the word "freedom" accompanying it. And I shall use that freedom to pursue and accomplish my dreams without restrictions nor limitations. I shall strive to become the most honorable pirate in history; one whom others can look up to and rally behind. If you still do not understand this, then look to the sun and moon. Life is contradiction, and there is meaning behind that."
— Sakura as she justifies her decision to become a pirate

Dracule Sakura

Post-Time Skip Dracule Sakura

Pre-Time Skip Dracule Sakura

Japanese Name: ジュラキュール・桜
Romanized Name: Jurakyūru Sakura
English Name: Dracule Sakura
First Appearance:  ???
Affiliations: The Jolly Pirates;
The Storm Pirates (former);
Occupations: Pirate; Swordsman;
Captain (former)
Epithet: Swift Demon (迅速鬼 Jinsoku Oni?)
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA: Trina Nishimura
Age: 29 (Debut)
31 (after timeskip)
Birthday: May 1st
Height: 188cm (6'2")
Bounty: Bsymbol1099,000,000
strong points:

Dracule Sakura (ジュラキュール・桜 Jurakyūru Sakura) is one of many One Piece-inspired fan-made characters created by Wyvern 0m3g4; taking on the role as one of the protagonists for One Dream on One Piece: Ship of Fools Wiki, and as a protagonist in One Piece: The Jolly Age on Sea of Fools Wiki. In both stories, Sakura debuts as the pirate captain for The Storm Pirates and as The Jolly Pirates' ally throughout the Sakura Arc, in which the Jollys team up with the Storms to free her from a Marine base in East Blue. Upon being rescued and defeating the Marines present there, Sakura is later recruited into the ranks of The Jolly Pirates as their master swordsman.

While many elements remain the same for the character, such as her talent in using Ittoryu and her relations with Dracule Mihawk, other aspects of the character are altered or changed between One Dream and One Piece: The Jolly Age, as is the case with many of the other characters involved in both stories. In Sakura's case, while she possesses Dragon Hunter Combat in One Dream, she lacks the fighting style in One Piece: The Jolly Age due to the lack of presence from The Skyline Pirates. Also, while in One Dream, Sakura is considered the niece of Dracule Mihawk and is related to three younger brothers, she is instead the younger sister of Mihawk in One Piece: The Jolly Age (as originally intended from the start,) and currently has no known siblings revealed thus far.

As already implied, Sakura is a highly adept swordsman, due to her training from Mihawk at an early age, and is widely considered in both One Piece fan stories to be a skilled user of Ittoryu (One Sword Style.) Sakura's talent in Ittoryu stems from her somewhat bizarre and eccentric beliefs and opinions regarding sword fighting, as well as her preferred ideals when facing off against opponents. Because of her power, speed and skill in sword fighting, Sakura has become labeled as one of the Supreme Quartet in One Dream, and one of the Supreme Six in One Piece: The Jolly Age; both being nicknames given to the most powerful fighters within the crew. She has also amassed quite a bit of fame for herself, due to achieving a Bsymbol99,000,000 bounty sometime before appearing in either story.

Sakura is the sixth officially recognized member of The Jolly Pirates in both One Dream and One Piece: The Jolly Age (if one were to consider both Rose Glory and Lawrence as the joint fourth members of the crew; if not, this would make Sakura the seventh member,) and is the fifth person to join the crew (if Lawrence is considered the fourth instead, this would make Sakura the sixth person to be recruited.) Among other reasons, Sakura joined the Jollys in order to achieve her personal goals; one being to one day defeat her uncle/brother, Mihawk, and take his title as the world's greatest swordsman. Upon doing so, Sakura believes she will restore the tainted honor of the swordsman label that she thinks Mihawk has corrupted by joining forces with her sworn enemy, the World Government.

Like a few other characters to have originally appeared on Ship of Fools Wiki, Sakura is consistently a highly popular character among fans of both The Jolly Pirates and stories involving them. Sakura has even ranked in first place as the most popular Jolly Pirate in an ongoing poll on Ship of Fools Wiki, which puts her ahead of her own captain. This has also made Sakura the single most popular female character Wyvern 0m3g4 has ever created. Sakura would also go on to win awards on Ship of Fools Wiki for the work put into her overall concept, characterization and design; including being placed as one of the 5th Generation Yonkou (Four Emperors) alongside Leo Osiris, Static Dyson and Sasagawa Kenshin (a title given to four of the most popular characters at any given time on the wiki.)



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"In order to reach the height of one's potential, a warrior must improve all aspects of their being. A strong mind with a weak body can never move a pebble, and a strong body with a weak mind will never grasp its true strength. And both with a weak spirit will never live long enough to enjoy victory."
— Sakura explains why she meditates before performing said meditation

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