Artemis Grove
Artemis Grove
Japanese Name: アルテミスグローブ
Romanized Name: Arutemisu Gurōbu
English Name: Artemis Grove
First Appearance:  ???
Affiliations: The Jolly Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Botanist
Epithet:  ??? (??? ????)
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:
Age:  ?? (Debut)
Birthday:  ???
Height:  ???cm (?'?")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Dorai Dorai no Mi
English Name: Dryad-Dryad Fruit
Meaning: Dryad
Type: Mythical Zoan

Artemis Grove (アルテミスグローブ Arutemisu Gurōbu) is one of Wyvern 0m3g4's many One Piece fanon characters, one of whom made her sole debut on the Sea of Fools Wiki fan story, One Piece: The Jolly Age, as one of its protagonists. In it, Grove is a tree that was given sentience and mobility through eating a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, the Dryad Dryad Fruit. Upon consumption, Grove gained human-like intelligence, speech and dexterity as well as the power to shift from tree to dryad at will, all despite not being fully considered "human."

Grove would later go on to become a pirate and a botanist among The Jolly Pirates; using her skills in botany to help raise the healthiest and finest of plants as well as support both Hanuman and X Aphro in their respective fields with her scientific knowledge of plants and fungi. In battle, she also proves very beneficial due to her dryad powers of wood manipulation, allowing her to fully control her wood-like body when partially transformed into a tree. She is the nineteenth member of the crew to be recruited (if one considers Glory and Lawrence to have joined at the same time, as well as both Rune and Karen; if not, this would make Grove the twenty-first person Chris invited to join the crew.)



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  • Grove's last name, Artemis, originated from the Greek goddess of the same name. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, child birth, virginity and was the protector of young girls, as well as bringing and relieving women of disease. The name was partly given to the character as a request given by a good friend of Wyvern's, Jakyou. It was also partly given to Grove to further emphasize her dryad related abilities, as Artemis was also known in some myths to be close to the nymph-like dryads.
    • Likewise, Grove's first name means "small forest" or an "orchard of fruit trees," as well as being used in druidism and Wicca to refer to a place of worship. The fact Grove is in fact a tree from birth proves Wyvern was intending to use the word grove itself to make reference to Grove's origins.

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